Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Birthday Party

I woke up this morning not really knowing where I am. It’s nothing new but then I remembered. I remembered how I had missed the last train to Dulles and had to get a ride from Henry and passed out at the airport when the tequila had run its course. It was cold… everywhere I slept there was an A/C vent.

I saw chimps killing each other on the airplane then Wandi told me to defend myself from crackheads when I got off the train. We went to the Mystery Spot and almost puked at the center of the spot. Vineyard and lots of drinking…then there was the whole gunshot incident. It was close, real close. My mind knew what it was but I just stood there looking at all the people ducking and hiding behind cars. That was 2 days ago…

Woke up yesterday and drank a 40 of OE with Greg…bad idea. After a couple more beers I went to make some margaritas but it was too bright and I needed my shades. Then there was Fatty/Mittens sitting there willing me to pet her. I have idea what happened and I passed out. When I woke up the BBQ party was going full tilt. The whole day was a blur and I would end up on the verge of passing out until I finally crawled into my sleeping bag sometime after 3am.

I woke up struggling to get out of my sleeping bag to piss and tried to avoid dutch ovening myself. All I can put down is some water and a smoothie. I’m about to unleash a shitstorm in the bathroom and blame it on Will/Bill.

Oh it’s gonna be a good birthday for the Wandi today. Also, she hasn’t punched anyone yet.